Meme marketing is one of the most powerful social media marketing strategies out there today. With social media continually on the rise, meme marketing has transformed hundreds of brands social media market strategies.

No matter what social media you use, you can’t escape the millions of memes that are posted daily.

Known for their funny and unique humour, these memes that started off as inside and funny jokes, are now being used by brands to boost their social media following.

In fact, memes are so popular that there are even plenty of social media profiles that are dedicated to just posting funny memes to their followers.

With the ability to go viral and increase brand exposure, these memes are now being utilized by many brands as their core social media strategy. Although, not every brand that uses them has been successful.

To show you the power of meme marketing and how brands are capitalising on this marketing strategy, we’re taking a look at some excellent and not so excellent examples of these memes.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a good idea of what meme marketing is, why its so beneficial, and how you can make your own effective memes.

Before we dive into the benefits and examples of marketing with memes, let’s take a quick rewind and a closer look at what memes are.

What Are Memes?

A meme (pronounced meem, not me me) is a concept, joke or catchphrase that is shared online for humorous purposes. Most memes usually take the format of an image, but they can also be videos or just text.

Memes have been around since the early-mid-1990s when the internet was becoming popular but in recent years have exploded and show no signs of stopping.

The Benefits Of Meme Marketing

When it comes to marketing, there are plenty of benefits of memes that allow them to connect with audiences much better than traditional methods.

One of the best benefits of memes is that they are very easy and cheap (mostly free) to make. With plenty of free online meme creators available, unlike other methods of advertising, you can create a whole range of memes for free which greatly increases your chances of a return on investment.

Aside from being able to create these memes on a whim without any real planning required, these memes also have a great chance to go viral. Going viral is the scenario that every brand and business dreams of.

Not only does it greatly increase your brand exposure, but it can also drive a huge swarm of traffic to your website.

Unlike other types of marketing out there, memes are specifically good at targeting the younger generation with their sometimes weird and confusing jokes.